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by Fatmas

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Nicholas Underhay
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Nicholas Underhay A brilliant slab of sludgey doom. Loving the development of these guys.
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Boodeeburgh This band makes me feel like a big Christmas lunch - Fatmas!!
So much beefy goodness!!
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Avalanche 06:06
The cup I spilled last night was sold burning in my lust for love the visions lost hidden cost you don't see the enemy listen to me you only get one life if you hide your pain inside you'll fall pay the price promise to me you will never tell I can't believe I lead her down this hell collision coarse intercourse the bottom line is it's divine fade like powder gripping my day ancient flower get in my day be yourself to yourself face your fears and demons pledge your own allegiance Stigmata self indentured faker trial by fire no favour power curtains failure held no face I did this hey Jude I'm you same blood made a difference in the end an avalanche an avalanche of my emotions
Godman 08:40
fine second claim false to deny your interior witness you made a fine host you say that you can certify time don't shut me off denied by the rich men think that they define time you redefined second time now I wish I could have my time again but my physical is all rotten and bland dismembered cheaply you sly me by the skin of my teeth I wasn't listening but we had a good time don't shut me off don't cut me off don't leave me out or render me blind manna make thine seconded time ye shall a time be made past never return mine intentions were for promises word shall always keep nay my finite sensibilities lulled the will to sleep I've seen the witness but let it slip I don't await man's opinion or acknowledgment but I can't wait to continue this life again and I can't wait to feel something that I know is real did I miss the boat I kind of choked sitting pretty with my heart in the slave how was it mate how was it nature that created a demon goat fool why you pride yourself on worshipping a beast of pure nothing find out who the hell you are wrecking day In Gods fists satisfy satisfy yourself be a man make them think you can but I can't find out no particular reason what makes you think he doesn't care give me good reason and I'll take it because my lady said so and I'm leaving now to savour my soul don't leave me don't leave me done wrong just take me please Lord take my soul petty cost your no Godman yeah man temptation has taken its toll my will to believe in has shown hold give me good reason and I'll take you down death row but I'm never going back no where the love was cold yeah man hey man Godman You make me so
Dusty Covers 08:16
dust in mud it set infinity live life please enlighten me written in blood for life eternally when in doubt it reaps collective fear never should've told but to keep inside is pain refilled our lives are back again we need time to evolve little children dove dusk in mud it sets infinity live life please enlighten me why try and hide when it's right there in front of you I needed you now but I haven't now I've lost you I lost her I need her now Silence must set you free for me and if you go I'll go with you and if you go I won't let you you won't die I'll die for you I lost her I need her now you don't see that I will wait you don't feel that it's never to late it's too late you're too late today is a good day to die. today is a good day to say goodbye goodbye


Don't let the bright artwork fool you, the 3rd work of "Fatmas" the duo from Australia is a full-on black metal attack, an avalanche that's coming down our way in a so doomed manner. The echo of the vocals alone could bring down a cliff. Voice, guitar riffs and drumming complement each other in a unique way as we enter further and deeper in the newly offered atmosphere. Avalanche is a departure from the band's previous milder disposition and the entrance in the hall of unalloyed force. Tempo is alternating throughout the passage of those 23 minutes, flourishing our senses with manic episodes and in between even moments of calmness, (like this 07:54) are ready to unleash waves of vigor. Composed 26 years ago this album is timeless and proves that good music is like the expensive wine: The longer it awaits inside the wooden barrel the stronger and wiser it gets. One of the top albums of the year.
-- Doomed Wolf --

Doomed Wolf On Sludged Planet


released March 26, 2020

IronT - lead guitar, backing vocals
Sloppywallet - vocals, guitar, bass, keys & drums

Music by Fatmas Global
Artwork - Iony Hutchinson

Recorded and mixed by Trent Stewart @ stampezestudios.


all rights reserved



Fatmas NSW, Australia

Usually an online collaboration, but we got together to record this most recent offering and really captured the performance.

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