Darkcone of the Earth

by Fatmas

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If my memory serves me correctly Darkcone of the Earth is where, according to Hermetic Tradition, the forces of the Earth's astral shell try to pull the newly disembodied human souls back into incarnation so that their life energy can be used to feed the demon entities of the lower astral. Similar to how in the Matrix movies humans were being farmed to act as batteries for their Machine overlords.

This reminds me of the idea that reptilian aliens are trying to ensnare man into this system of death and rebirth so that they can feed off his life energy, draining the spark of life that has only been given to the Son's of Adam amongst all of God's creation.

There is, however, hope to transcend beyond the cycle and move after death past the lower astral and find your place in the freedom, light and love of the heaven realms of the higher emotional and mental planes. Eternal freedom can be found if the disembodied soul can resist the temptations offered by those lower realms and avoid being pulled back into The Darkcone of the Earth.


released April 13, 2019

Music - Fatmas global
Lyrics - Fatmas global

Artwork - Iony Hutchinson
Mixing - Trent Stewart (Stampeze Studios)


all rights reserved



Fatmas NSW, Australia

Online collaboration.
Fatmas global.

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Track Name: Darkcone of the Earth
Darkcone of the Earth
I will save you
now you are mine

there's a council internal governing my life
the reality external
I'm insane

I am crouching in the corner
fearing of the dark
waiting for the morning
but its so far away
and still the night will come again
how do they know my name?

I am divine
and you shall serve me for all time
fear me ( irrational fear )
I make you live or die, me ( irrational fear )
I choose when you laugh or cry

I'll show you whom you should fear
fear him
who after he has killed
has the power to cast into hell
fear him

you have been granted with the power to create
look to the light all fear passes away
there's nothing in your life
you should ever fear dear
you have been loved
so why do you hate
if you close your eyes
and there's only fear
and it's near
than you can change your mind
it's not to late

you are still mine
and shall not be freed
I saved you
I'm the one you pray to
now you must
pay your dept to me

I can feel the wrath coming from you babe
if you have been kind
then you will be paid
the law it is true
and must be obeyed
but first you must honor
the first contract made

you are still mine
you'll come back to me
I won't be defied
by you or anybody

they poured water over me
and I'm melting away
Track Name: Doom
you won't believe
so you'll never live to see me
with all your might
you hold on
well into the night
you have grown sour
and before me
you will cower
mine is the only power
and you're inside
so fear that final hour
which is growing near
you're going to lose the life
you hold so dear
I am the Lord alone
and when I might
I'll break your flesh and bone
this much you can't deny
and before me you can only cry
but first on your knees
and Fear the coming death
for I am he
I gave you so much time
to worship me
yet still you could not find
the only reason why
I am the Lord you think I am a lie
the lie is you
who can't deny
the coming of whats true
Track Name: Infidelity
was it better for me?
you thought you could set yourself free
then why did you sign it then set me up?
yeah well I got so high
I let her down
you were thinking with your tool
and my leading man is so so vain
he's become insufferable
when you cut that diamond
and laid me down
I was the only girl for you
so what if it's now your a better man
did you think you could bend the rules?
yeah.....stupid fool
so what if it's now your a better man
did you think you can?
I'll go on picking up pieces
could have found out a better way
yeah. so when did you finally decide in yourself
you were going to head that way?
listen to the whore in your inner voice
while you were laying right next to me
yeah how unfair
I was laid to waste
so what if it's now your a better man
did you think you can?
easy now it was so easy now
to let it all slip away
I'm living in so fine times
got my head on my shoulders
and I'm having a fun fat time
fine living with fancy affairs
sitting pretty about nothing
you beggars get back in line
I'm living and breathing now
because it's easy now
as long as I get my fill
I'll be fine
no don't do anything
don't lie
we pledged our allegiance?
a casket of empty vows?
and it was so easy now?
to let it all slip away?
I get with it then I get out of bed
and I carry on living
living my life for today
start living because you're left with the fact
Track Name: Grey Hand
Grey Hand
I was sitting at home
watching TV
there was no one around
it was just me and Tina
I had to go take a shower
I gotta wash myself down
and just like I said
there was no one around
relaxing under the water
after working all day
warm rushing over my body
wash my worries away
between my body and mind
something is lurking here
it approaches me by the side
feel fear
I'll give you a hand
but it will be grey.
I don't know why they call this love
why do I try so much
I don't know why they call it love
why do I even try?
Track Name: Asmodeus
yes now i'm gone
you been hurt by me so much
but only because you say it's me hurting you
when I would never
intentionally hurt anyone
especially not you
so you must be blind
you can only see your past
and your unfulfilled desires
never coming true
so tell me what have I been doing all this time?
heaven help me
you can't be wrong
I've been hurt by you enough
but surely you like to say it's me hurting you
I'm in a fight
that can't be won
because I'm not fighting
you swear that I meant it
so I know that you just don't get it
if you could step outside yourself
there'd be some room in there for me
when will love come?
you need to
feel that loving touch
and your unfulfilled desires
ever coming true
if your a wife
you will succumb
cos Asmodeus
is true

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